LED Kitchen Garden

The superior technology of the LED SonnyLight is available in this indoor counter-top garden. It offers a stainless steel counter-top unit with a standard nursery tray. You add soil, seeds and water and let our light do the rest!

LED Kitchen Garden specifications:

Dimensions of Counter-Top Unit

14 inches deep X 23 inches wide

Nursery Tray
Standard 10" x 20" tray included
Power Supply Voltage
110V or 240V a/c 50~60 Hertz
Voltage at Hood
12V D/C
Power Consumption
15 watts
Other Power Source
12 volt DC car battery, optional cable adapter available
Number of LEDs
144 8mm LEDs
LED Colors
5 colors - Purple, Blue, Green, Orange/Red, Red and White
Light Source
144 8mm LEDs w/optimized light wavelengths for rapid plant growth
Software Controlled
Yes, selectable Time of Day, Sunrise-Sunset, 5 plant types. 3 grow phases or auto grow selection
Light Source Life
Approximately 75,000 hours or 15 years
% Light Source Utilized
Greater than 95%
Cost to Operate
Approximately $10.40 annually
Maintenance Required
None…just water your plants, dust off the assembly
Shipping Packaging
Cardboard package, protective cotton bags and recycled pulp
Number of Plants
1 to 72 plants at anytime dependent on tray type
Transplantable Plants
Plants can be transplanted
Seed Recommended
Heirloom & Organic
Is it Organic?
Customer’s choice to utilize organic soil, fertilizer & seeds
Toxic Materials
Three year warranty against defective materials

Note: Subject to change without prior notice.

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